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New video on training, recovery, fatigue and fitness

It’s not always easy to illustrate to runners the importance of balancing their training with adequate recovery so we’ve put together a brief video using a Training Graphics Equaliser to talk about achieving this balance. For more on this topic check out our recovery series or join us on Running Repairs in Cardiff for a weekend […]

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The Power of Simple

The more I work with people and the more evidence I explore the more I realise that it’s often the simple things done well that are most effective. Unfortunately though we tend to be drawn to the more complex as simple isn’t sexy. While it might not be exciting simple can certainly be powerful. Today with […]

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Free sports injury videos from the best in the business!

Regular readers will know we’ve teamed up extensively with Clinical Edge this year to bring you a range of podcasts and infographics as well as Running Repairs Online. The latest from David Pope and the clinical edge team is a series of excellent sports injury videos from world class researchers and clinicians; Click HERE to […]

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Exercise selection for Plantar Fasciopathy (AKA plantar fasciitis)

For many years the focus for treating Plantar Fasciopathy (a more up-to-date term for plantar fasciitis) has been to stretch the calf as much as possible. I remember the standard handout we used to give out many years ago, way back when I was a Junior Physio in the NHS, that had nothing but stretches […]

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Free video series – how to get great results with achilles tendinopathy in runners

Achilles tendinopathy is a common condition that can have a big impact on a runner’s life and be challenging to manage. As health professionals we all want the best for our patients but it can be hard to see progression for athletes and difficult for them to return to their training targets. We’ve teamed up with […]

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Insertional tendinopathy and hamstring rehab – free videos!

We’re very pleased to say we’ve teamed up with Nils and the team at Trust Me I’m a Physio to bring you 2 free videos to enjoy! First up we have a brief overview of insertional tendinopathy including a great ultrasound video kindly provided by Peter Gettings. It also touches on using the TendonQ questionnaire […]

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