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Optimising performance for injured runners

As a physio our role is often to return people to sport after injury. We tend to focus more┬ásymptoms, strength, ROM etc and less on┬áperformance. Many runners though will be more concerned about performance than traditional rehab goals. As a runner I can empathise, I’d be more interested in my 10km time than my 10 […]

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Cross-Training for Runners – by John Feeney

Resident running coach and sports science graduate John Feeney joins us again to share his considerable wisdom! His previous work with us includes getting the most out of your training and avoiding overtraining. He's my go to guy for anything training related! You can follow him on Twitter via @John1_Feeney. Due to the topic this […]

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Overtraining – sometimes less is more…

Our resident sports scientist and running coach @John1_Feeney shares his wisdom on overtraining… The recent London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games were a fantastic example of commitment and dedication. Many of the athletes taking part reached the pinnacle of their sport in a relatively short period of time and by a young age. There are […]

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Getting the most from your training – by John Feeney

John is a sports scientist with an interest in endurance physiology. He's also a long distance runner and part time coach. He's very kindly agree to share his expertise on the benefits of different types of training and their effects on the body. You can follow him on Twitter – @john1_feeney Update 29/03/13 : This […]

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