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Ice, Compression, Elevation after injury, why bother? – by Peter Thain

The Iceman Cometh….again! Back in February researcher and sports therapist Peter Thain wrote us a fantastic piece on ice application in sport. Now he's back by popular demand, albeit a little melted by the recent heat wave! Picture source. After arriving home from work (where I had been administering cryokinetic protocols), I was greeted with […]

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Ice application and its use in sport – by Peter Thain

Occasionally you chat to someone and think, “my word this person knows their stuff!” This was definitely the case when chatting to researcher and sports therapist Peter Thain. I’ve never known anyone who knows so much about ice! So I was delighted when he agreed to do a guest blog for us on the topic […]

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Acute injury management – do no HARM?

It seems medical folk love a good acronym! We’ve had 3 already in managing acute injury. First we had RICE, then PRICE and then POLICE. I wonder if they just think up the word then fit the advice into it!? What’s next Mobilisation Avoid NSAIDs Load Optimally Vertically Elevate? I can see it now on […]

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Anti-inflammatory Medication and Sport

Before we kick off, I should point out I'm not a pharmacist or GP! I am not qualified to prescribe medicine and the aim of this article is not to make recommendations. What I will do though is feedback the findings of a fairly recent article by Paolini et al. 2009 in the British Journal […]

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Sub-acute injury management

A lot of guidelines exist for management of acute injury. Most people will have heard of RICE, PRICE or, more recently POLICE. But what do you do when the acute phase ends? Continue with the ice? Stick your running shoes on and hit the road? This blog is to help you manage the next part, […]

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Acute injury management – Woop Woop! That’s the sound of da POLICE!?

When it comes to managing an acute injury many of you will have heard of RICE and some will have seen it progress to PRICE. For those that missed it, it stands for Protect Rest Ice Compression Elevation. But a recent study by Bleakley, Glasgow and MacAuley 2012 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine […]

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