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Vitamin D: A key ingredient for bone health, muscle function and immune response by Fran Taylor

Diet and, in particular, vitamin D can be an important factor in injury development, especially bone stress injuries and stress fractures. Fran Taylor, our resident Nutritionist, returns to the site today to discuss this important vitamin and its important roles for runners and other athletes. Nutrition is often forgotten in patient care, if you’d like […]

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New Gluteal Tendinopathy Podcast with Karen Litzy

On Friday I had the pleasure of chatting to the brilliant Karen Litzy and recording for her Health, Wealthy and Smart Podcast. Our topic of conversation was Gluteal Tendinopathy, covering a range of areas; Subjective assessment and key questions Objective evaluation and tests to guide rehab Training load management Exploring beliefs and the impact of […]

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Gluteal tendinopathy, is targeted loading or education the key?

Thanks to the hard work of some excellent research teams we’ve seen several key gluteal tendinopathy (GT) studies arrive almost at the same time! In this series we’ve already discussed the LEAP Trial and interesting research suggesting psychological factors may be important in GT. Today’s blog examines a new randomised controlled trial (RCT) just published […]

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Gluteal tendinopathy, are psychological factors more important than strength?

Following on from the excellent LEAP Trial in Gluteal Tendinopathy which found exercise led to a roughly 80% success rate at 8 weeks we have intriguing research from the same group. For a long time in tendinopathy it’s been assumed that strength and tendon capacity are key. We might assume then that differences in strength […]

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Managing hamstring injury in track and field by Stuart Butler

It’s a great pleasure to welcome England Athletics Physio and Medical Lead Stuart Butler to the blog today. He’s kindly written us a great overview of hamstring injury management based on his extensive experience, recent research and learning from the leading hamstring injury specialists on his travels. Follow Stuart on Twitter via @physiobutler. For more […]

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Recovery for the mind with Professor Andy Lane

Professor Andy Lane joins us today as part of Mental Health Awareness Week to talk about the importance of recovering mentally as well as physically from training, work and the demands of day to day life. Andy is a Sports Psychologist and a sub 3 hour marathon runner who has published extensively in his field. […]

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