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Recovery for the mind with Professor Andy Lane

Professor Andy Lane joins us today as part of Mental Health Awareness Week to talk about the importance of recovering mentally as well as physically from training, work and the demands of day to day life. Andy is a Sports Psychologist and a sub 3 hour marathon runner who has published extensively in his field. […]

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Run Around the World for Mental Health – by Kevin Betts

Our mental wellbeing is precious. It can influence so many parts of our lives and even how we see the world itself. Today’s blog is from runner and personal trainer Kevin Betts. He’s developed a great initiative that uses running to help raise important funds for Mind, a key mental health charity. This summer we’re […]

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Is stress slowing down your running?

For a long time we’ve suspected that psychological status and mood affects athletic performance. It makes sense that if you’re stressed or down you’re less likely to be at your best. New research is emerging that suggests this connection may be clearer than we realised and that stress can impair both running performance and recovery… […]

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Mental health and running by Lesley Lewis

Today we have a great guest blog from one of my favourite runners! Lesley is a coach in running fitness and a big part of the local running community in Brighton. She's recently been made an England Athletics Mental Health Ambassador and has been working alongside the brilliant Suzy Hawker who's a leader in running […]

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Injury, illness and reviewing your goals – by Emlyn Maher

Emlyn is a runner from Clonlara, in East Clare, Ireland. His guest blog, Running Unplugged, proved very popular on the site so he’s returned to share his story of a challenging 2014. Follow him on Twitter via @Clonsports. It’s┬áthat time of the year that everyone reflects back on how the previous months went for them. […]

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Mental Health and Running – Chris’ story

Today we have a powerful story from psychologist and runner Chris Shields. He shares his experience of grief and bereavement and the role running played to help him… When I first set out to write this article, it was to be an academic, intelligent, yet warm witty and insightful piece about how I had triumphed […]

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