I love a good infographic! This week I finally got round to joining Pinterest and realised just how many infographics and exercise pictures we’ve built up over the years. So here’s a quick blog of our top 5 most popular images and infographics…

5) Exercise is child’s play

Our recent Running Repairs Course was hosted by @ASPHphysio who have a great selection of toys for their paediatric patients so we decided to use them in our rehab practical. I love getting creative with exercise and it goes to show you can use virtually anything for rehab!

Supine leg curl…with skateboards!
Side-lying abduction with a toy truck

4) Ankle self mob

Lack on ankle dorsiflexion can have a significant effect on your movement patterns and running gait. This simple self-mobilisation technique as been found to help restore range.


3) Glute isometric

Everyone likes a good glute exercise! This simple, isometric exercise has been found to achieve high levels of activation in the glutes.

2) Hamstring exercise and EMG findings

The original version of this hamstring image was our most popular tweet ever for quite some time, that is until number 1 on our list surged ahead! The revised version below has still proved very popular and gives an overview of how different exercises work the hamstrings.

1) Soleus circuit

In at the top our list is a simple ‘Soleus Circuit’ designed to target a muscle that takes 6 to 7 times body weight during running! It’s a key part of achilles tendon rehab and often a forgotten muscle in exercise programmes. This one has been a big hit on social media, enjoy!



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