On Friday I had the pleasure of chatting to the brilliant Karen Litzy and recording for her Health, Wealthy and Smart Podcast. Our topic of conversation was Gluteal Tendinopathy, covering a range of areas;

  • Subjective assessment and key questions
  • Objective evaluation and tests to guide rehab
  • Training load management
  • Exploring beliefs and the impact of pain
  • Treatment and exercise prescription
  • Gait analysis and re-training

We also touched on intrinsic factors that can influence tendon health such as hormonal change around the menopause. We use TendonQ to help screen for such factors, download your free copy below.

For more on Gluteal Tendinopathy check out the full GT series.

Be sure to follow Karen on Twitter via @KarenLitzyNYC and check our her podcast, she’s had loads of fantastic guests! Karen is a key figure for the Women in PT Summit which you can find out all about HERE. It takes place in New York in September and has a host of great speakers.

Here’s the podcast (below). Grab a cuppa and have a listen!…