Written by Tom Goom, senior Physio at The Physio Rooms Brighton. Follow Tom on Twitter.

After 2 articles on glutes strengthening (available here and here) I thought it was time to try to put together some videos for people. This proved a little more challenging than hoped so I apologise if the videos aren't the best quality. I found some of the exercises quite challenging because I'd foolishly done a 10 mile tempo run in the morning before doing them (yeah I know, excuses, excuses!). On the positive side I did manage the run in just under 68 minutes, which I was pleased with!

The most challenging was the single leg deadlift and so if you've managed to nail this technique and would like to send me a video or picture for the site it'd be greatly appreciated! (Please send it via my twitter account, or in the comments section below).

In terms of reps and sets I would first focus on quality rather than quantity in order to maximise glutes work and minimise unwanted activity elsewhere (e.g. In the quads or hamstrings). When you're happy with your technique then start with 3 sets of around 10-15 reps with 1-2 minutes rest between each. Progress to 3 sets of 25 with the aim being to fatigue the glutes. Generally I'd suggest keeping strength work and running separate rather than doing them on the same day. Ideally allow 24-48 hours between strength sessions and running to avoid running on fatigued legs.

Have a better single leg deadlift? Please share!

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    • Fair point!
      It’s just a guide, not set in stone. Some people will do split sessions – e.g. run am. Strength work pm. to fit it all in.

  1. Some distance runners and coaches advocate doing your exercises immediately after your run (normally the shorter runs). Their rational is, that if you can maintain good exercise form when your running muscles are already fatigued, it will help maintain your running form on the longer runs, as there is less overall muscular fatigued.

    The key here is good form… If you can only manage 1 rep with good form that is all you do…

  2. Thank you, Tom, for these wonderful exercises and articles! I had a Fulkerson osteotomy about seven months ago, and I’m still trying to regain the strength I lost. 6 weeks locked in a brace with 0 degrees ROM, then a couple weeks at 30 degrees, and the muscle just disappeared!

    I’ve graduated from physical therapy (got the T-shirt and everything) and have been looking for ways to continue to challenge myself and get back to running again. I’m so glad I found this site! Thanks again.

  3. Great exercises. as to those who run every day, maybe a little time out to work on the muscles to help them run more effectively. some periodisation can take you a long way and quite fast if you get it right

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