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Segmentation: The scourge of the running footwear industry by Simon Bartold

We’re joined once again today by top podiatrist Simon Bartold. Regular readers will know Simon has written some cracking articles for us in the past, all of which you can find here. He joins us today to challenge common conceptions around shoe selection for runners. Follow Simon on twitter via @bartoldbiomecha and check out his […]

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Plantar Fasciitis – Part 2 – by Simon Bartold

Hot on the heels of part 1, Simon Bartold shares his thoughts on treatment of Chronic Plantar Heel Pain (CPHP aka Plantar Fasciitis). For more from Simon see his brilliant website and his previous articles on RunningPhysio. Follow him on Twitter via @bartoldbiomechanica. Part 2… So now the big question, in terms of treatment, what […]

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Plantar Fasciitis – Part 1 – by Simon Bartold

Chronic Plantar Heel Pain (CPHP), plantar fasciitis, jogger's heel call it what you will persistent heel pain can be a real challenge to treat. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that this condition was the real 'Achilles' Heel' in Greek mythology. I can picture Achilles prostrate on the battlefield, his famous last […]

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Metatarsalgia – By Simon Bartold

How do you introduce Simon BartoldĀ on a blog?! Simon is a brilliant podiatrist with a wealth of experience and a fantastic website. He’sĀ also the only person I know who can quote Freud when talking about feet! His recent article on selecting running shoes has proved universally popular and he’s kindly agreed to share more of […]

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Selecting the right shoe? – By Simon Bartold

RunningPhysio welcomes a bit of a legend onto the site today! Simon Bartold is a world renowned podiatrist who has won awards for his research and contributions to education. He has 24 years of clinical and research experience which he has distilled into his excellent website. You can follow Simon on Twitter via @bartoldbiomecha. He’s […]

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