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It's only right and proper that an article that borrows its name from the lyrics of a David Bowie song should include a picture of me dressed as Ziggy Stardust… Once you've recovered from that, frankly disturbing image, you may start to wonder what on earth I'm on about!.. …Well changes are afoot at RunningPhysio. […]

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Stunning views, escapism and “care in the community”

The last couple of weeks things have really come together for me and RunningPhysio. We’ve now had over 12,000 lovely visitors including nice people from the US, Canada, Brazil and Vietnam. I’ve had a chance to chat to some of the online running community including @4races4cities who has one of my favourite running blogs and […]

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I’d forgotten I had this…

  Had totally forgotten I had a video compilation of Brighton Marathon 2012, I thought why not share it?! The funny thing is, when you cross that line you get mobbed! First they want a photo, then they put your medal on you and thrust a goody bag in your hand. The fluids and food […]

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Are you a 2 speed runner?

I realised after my run on Tuesday that I’ve slipped back into an old, costly habit. I’ve become a 2 speed runner again. My 2 speeds are go and stop. I once did a “quick 10 miler” not race pace but not far from it. I finished in 74 minutes 5 seconds. A week later […]

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Why I love running in Brighton

We’re very lucky here in Brighton. In the south we have a great expanse of sea to run next to, to the north the undulating trails of the South Downs. You can watch the sunset on the old pier as starling swirl round to land or dodge a tramp as he stumbles drunkenly out of […]

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