We’re very fortunate in the physiotherapy community to have some great friends who create brilliant resources and share their knowledge. Today’s short blog showcases the work of 2 such physios who have helped spread the key messages from our recent paper on Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (Goom et al. 2016). 

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Firstly we have Christopher Johnson, one of the innovators behind RunCadence who recently wrote us a great guest blog on return to running after injury. Chris is the exercise video king, like a modern day Jane Fonda just without the leotard! He’s put together 3 brilliant videos covering the stages of PHT rehab discussed in our paper:

Stage 1 – Isometric

Stage 2 – Isotonic

Stage 3 – Isotonic exercises with hip flexion

For more from Chris follow him on vimeo and on Twitter @ChrisjohnsonPT


Secondly David Pope from Clinical Edge has produced a great infographic (below) based on the podcast we recorded together earlier this year. You can access the podcast along with a handout and show notes here. Follow David on Twitter via @Davidkpope.




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