Early this year I was pondering the question what can we do for active people with low back pain?

Key messages for those with back symptoms revolve around exercise and keeping active but what can we do for people that already do that and yet still have pain?

These questions sent me on a bit of a journey, reflecting on my practice, reading research and considering how we could apply it in clinic. This journey led me to a cool place, Switzerland, where David Pope and I put together what we’ve learned into a series of videos on low back pain to provide some answers.

You can now access the first of these videos for free with 2 more coming very soon!…The first video is the first in a step by step approach to low back pain. It focusses on key first steps including recent research on ‘red flags’ and assessment of psychosocial factors, movement patterns and flexibility.

CLICK HERE to access the first video in our new back pain series

Keep a look out for Part 2 which is coming soon and a podcast of our live running injury Q&A session