The lovely team at @JohnLewisRetail have very kindly sent me the latest ASICS Gel Kayano 23 to review on the site so I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a brief review and give some simple advice on picking the best shoe for you.

Asking me to review Kayano’s is a bit like getting Homer Simpson to test Duff Beer. I’m a big fan! I’ve ran in Kayano’s since 2012 and completed every inch of my marathon training in them. The latest version, Kayano 23’s promises a host of features (detailed below) and are slightly lighter than their predecessors.

But what does all this mean? ..Well, truth be told much of it means very little to me. I don’t choose these shoes because of the ‘Stability Trusstic’ or the ‘Ortholite X40 Sockliner’. They’re my preferred shoe due to one very simple factor, out of all the shoes I’ve had they are the most comfortable for me to run in. That doesn’t mean of course I’d recommend them to everyone. Doing so would be a little like Cinderella advising the Ugly sisters on slipper selection! The ‘perfect fit’ for her was clearly not as kind to her facially challenged siblings!

The Kayano design seems to suit my foot and ankle shape nicely. I have very skinny ankles and long, wide feet. Barefoot I look a bit like a golf club! I’ve always found that ASICS work for me and accommodate this, the challenge for fellow runners is finding what suits you. The simplest way to do that appears to be to pick the shoe that feels most comfortable to run in. It’s an approach that’s even supported by recent research. It may help efficiency if the shoe is a little lighter too and it’s sensible not to make a big change from the types of shoes you’re used to.

So my simple shoe selection tips would be;

  1. Pick what’s comfortable
  2. Go for a lighter model if possible
  3. Don’t make a big change from what you’re used to

The latest Kayanos tick every box for me and are a pleasure to run in. I hope these simple tips can help you find a shoe that fits for you.

For more information on shoe selection check out Simon Bartold’s recent guest blog and for more on Kayano’s see the ASICS website.