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Run for your life – Jenny Baker’s inspiring story

Running is far more than just a way to stay fit, for many it’s a way of life. For Jenny Baker it helped her overcome one of life’s greatest challenges. Today she kindly shares her story and offers hope for many women who may find themselves in a similar position. I’ve been running regularly for […]

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50 surgeries and still running, Sam’s amazing story

We have a special guest blog today from a runner who I'm sure will inspire others who've been through the pain and frustration of persistent injuries. Samantha's story started as a toddler and continues to this day but her determination and bravery has kept her going despite obstacles that would stop most people in their […]

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My trail of woe – by Tess Agnew

When we treat patients we hope we might inspire them a little but in some cases they end up inspiring us. Tess was certainly one of those cases! Her attitude, determination and willingness to try anything made her a real pleasure to work with. Today Tess share’s her experience of a race that went wrong […]

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Meniscal repair – by Robin Granger

I'm delighted to welcome an old friend to the site today. Rob is a runner and cyclist from Winchester, one of my favourite old stomping grounds. He's very kindly agreed to share his story about his experience recovering from meniscal surgery.. It sounded like a good idea at the time, in the way so many […]

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Beating Runner’s Knee – by Dan Cartwright

Dan is a bit of a running legend! He's conquered ultramarathons through sweltering heat and leg sapping mud and written all about it on his fantastic website. But, like any runner, even he's prone to the odd injury or two. So when a nasty bout of knee pain stopped him in his tracks he kindly […]

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All it takes is all you’ve got – by Anji Close

Anji is one tough cookie! She's overcome multiple long term injury problems to get back running and never shows signs of giving up! Now she's back and ready to tell us all about it… Let's begin with one simple fact. Even with a heart full of passion and determination; a half marathon on zero training […]

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