The more I work with runners the more I realise that their story, their experience and their lifestyle are often key factors in managing their injury. It’s important that we really listen to athletes, understand why sport is so important to them and deliver person centred care. But what does ‘person centred care’ actually mean?! I’ve been pondering this for a while and have put together a free, hour long webinar on the topic for Trust Me I’m a Physiotherapist.

Update: The webinar has been watched by over 14,000 people already and is now available in full – we’ve embedded it at the bottom of the page.

There’s a free download of the key points from the presentation, including the ‘treatment tool box’ you can print and use with runners in your clinic. Grab your copy using the button below.

If you’d like to print a handout to write notes on during the webinar you can access a PDF of the slides here in dropbox.

As an added bonus we’ve teamed up with Clinical Edge to create a series of videos on Achilles Tendinopathy. Sign up using the image below but please be quick as they’re only available for a short period of time!


Key references from the webinar:

  • Alford (2006) – this is a really interesting paper discussing the link between stress, mental wellbeing and healing
  • Finestone and Milgrom (2008) – a 25 year study of stress fracture incidence that found sleep and load management were key
  • Jack et al. (2010) – a great review of the barriers to adherence to physiotherapy
  • Nielsen et al. (2012) – Nielsen and colleagues have published extensively on training error, this a great review of the topic
  • Ardern et al. (2013) – this systematic review reports on the importance of a positive perception of return to sport
  • Forsdyke et al. (2016) – this recent review highlights the importance of thoughts, feelings and action in sports rehab
  • Mc Auliffe et al. (2017) – the qualitative study exams the impact achilles tendon pain can have on people’s lives.

The Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS) can be found here.

We also mentioned this Pain Reframed Podcast from the brilliant Roger Kerry that talks about research needing to reflect the complex needs of the individual and treatment being person centred.


Patient Centred Care for Runners: 1 hour webinar.