The more I work with people and the more evidence I explore the more I realise that it’s often the simple things done well that are most effective. Unfortunately though we tend to be drawn to the more complex as simple isn’t sexy. While it might not be exciting simple can certainly be powerful. Today with have a Facebook Live video exploring this and discussing 5 simple approaches that can be really effective in clinic.

Two BIG announcements to make before we dive into the video…

…Firstly, we’re re-releasing Running Repairs Online next week. Join our waiting list for all the latest news on its release as well as special offers and bonus content.

…Secondly we’ve just reached 5 million page views on the site. That’s right 5 MILLION! It’s a major landmark for us and we’re delighted!

Apologies if we repeat this news in the video too but we’re really excited!

 Facebook Live: Recorded 8th December 2017