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New tech for runners, could it be a leap forward for managing running injury?

I’ve always found emerging technology interesting, my inner geek loves unboxing a shiny new toy! In the excitement and novelty of trialling the latest gadget we should also be asking the right questions about the technology and considering if it’s fit for use in clinic. Today we’ll look at some of the new equipment and […]

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Can gait re-training reduce risk of running injury?

Gait re-training research seems to be gathering apace with a burst of new studies crossing the finishing line recently. One such study (Chan et al. 2017) has suggested that running re-training may reduce the risk of developing a running injury. This randomised control trial with over 300 participants reported a 62% lower injury risk in […]

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Running Repairs Online Course

Running Repairs Online Course – Launch Today

Update: The post below is from June 2017, Running Repairs Online is not currently available but will be soon! Join our waiting list to be kept up to date with release dates, special offers and more! Click HERE to join our waiting list. We are very excited to announce that the Running Repairs Online Course launched […]

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Can gait re-training improve performance?

Interesting new research has found that running gait may play a significant role in efficiency and performance. We’ve summarised the findings and made some recommendations in the free download below. Download running technique tips Coaches have suggested for many years that running technique is key to performance but, until recently, we’ve had little evidence to […]

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New Gait Re-training App: Runcadence

Last week saw the release of a cutting edge new App to help runners optimise their gait re-training. Research has indicated that increasing step rate may help to reduce load in a number of areas where running injury is common. Runcadence, from Seattle based Physical Therapist and Triathlon Coach Christopher Johnson, is a simple, effective […]

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Runmatic, a new App for measuring running mechanics – by Dr. Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández

Gait analysis can be an integral part of running injury management and yet, for many clinicians, we lack the technology needed to fully assess biomechanics. Smartphone Apps are providing some interesting solutions but we need to know that their data is both reliable and valid. One App that has caught our eye in this regard […]

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