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Cross-Training for Runners – by John Feeney

Resident running coach and sports science graduate John Feeney joins us again to share his considerable wisdom! His previous work with us includes getting the most out of your training and avoiding overtraining. He's my go to guy for anything training related! You can follow him on Twitter via @John1_Feeney. Due to the topic this […]

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What core stability exercises are best for runners?

Written by Tom Goom, senior Physio at The Physio Rooms Brighton. Follow Tom on Twitter. Some time ago I set off on a mission to clarify the muddy waters that surround 'core stability'. The concept has been subject to harsh criticism from some corners while others still view it as a panacea for all. The […]

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Proximal hamstring tendinopathy – a case study…me

A little over 4 weeks from now I'm due to be running Brighton Marathon. Sadly though I can't run at all at the moment due to a frustrating case of proximal hamstring tendinopathy. I'm hoping though that people can learn from my misfortune and this article might help people in a similar situation. History… About […]

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Glutes rehab – recent research

Our first article on glutes rehab remains by far our most popular post to date on RunningPhysio. It seems many runners are wondering how to strengthen these important muscles and so I decided to write a follow-up piece based on some very recent research… Reiman et al. (2012) completed a systematic review of the literature […]

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Core stability and runners – performance and injury prevention

Many runners include “core stability” work in their exercise schedule and yet there seems to be little consensus on whether it's effective and how you should do it. So we've decided to look to the research for guidance…. When I started gathering articles for this piece I realised just how big a topic it was […]

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