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Neuromuscular Adaptations During Walking Gait in Individuals with Knee OA – by Anthony Teoli

Today we have a guest blog from physio and researcher Anthony Teoli covering a common problem we see a lot in clinic; osteoarthritis of the knee. Anthony graduated from McGill University with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and currently works as a physiotherapist in a private physiotherapy clinic in Montreal. He is also […]

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Running and Osteoarthritis – by Richard Leech

For many years medical dogma and anecdotal evidence has suggested running is bad for your knees and causes arthritis. Many well meaning health professionals have advised runners to cut down or even stop running altogether to protect their joints, but the evidence remains weak to guide their management. Richard Leech's excellent BJSM editorial discusses this […]

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Meniscopathy – have the semi-lunar cartilages come full circle? – By Paul Welford

There are some physios you work with that really impress you. They have that extra level of knowledge that comes from critical thinking and a passion for evidence based practice. Paul is one such physio. I've been lucky enough to work with him on several occasions through the years and was delighted when he offered […]

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Injury Stories – Ally’s Ailments….

Alastair is a prolific tweeter via @allymonc and runs his own football fiction website. He's very kindly agreed to share his story with RunningPhysio; I suppose I should start my tale of injury related woe with a smattering of background information. Whilst I had never been slim as such, I was up until the age […]

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Taping for the knee

You may have seen elsewhere on the blog the use of a modified McConnell taping for knee pain; It’s very useful for ITB issues and patellofemoral pain (often described as runners knee) – follow the links for more info on both. Today I’m adding a more general tape for knee problems. It’s designed to offload […]

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