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Competing with pain – by Dean Sanders

A lot of runners worry about whether they can continue to run and compete while managing an injury. In many cases, with a sensible approach you can. Today Dean shares his story on racing with knee pain… I had a physio session with Tom this week and whilst he was applying extreme pain into my […]

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All it takes is all you’ve got – by Anji Close

Anji is one tough cookie! She's overcome multiple long term injury problems to get back running and never shows signs of giving up! Now she's back and ready to tell us all about it… Let's begin with one simple fact. Even with a heart full of passion and determination; a half marathon on zero training […]

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Determination is Everything – by Anji Close

Back in July the lovely Anji (aka @enigmagirl81) told us about her recovery from stress fracture in her excellent guest piece ‘Adapt and Overcome’. She used aqua running to keep her fit while she patiently waited to be ready to run again. Now she's back by popular demand to tell us how her story ended; […]

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Plantar Fasciitis and ultra running – Jody’s story

Jody (aka @Jodyrunssahara) is an ultrarunner and freelance journalist. He writes for Men's Running UK and founded his own site, adventurerunner.co.uk. He's kindly agreed to share his injury story with RunningPhysio. Firstly though we'll look at the back story of Jody's heel pain; In October 2011 Jody started feeling heel pain after increasing his weekly […]

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Injury Stories – Ally’s Ailments….

Alastair is a prolific tweeter via @allymonc and runs his own football fiction website. He's very kindly agreed to share his story with RunningPhysio; I suppose I should start my tale of injury related woe with a smattering of background information. Whilst I had never been slim as such, I was up until the age […]

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Adapt and Overcome – by Anji Close

Anji is a club runner for Tyne Bridge Harriers who has very kindly agreed to share her injury story with us. What shines through is her determination, positive attitude and commitment to staying fit, which she did largely through aqua training. For more information on this, visit Anji’s blog where she has details of training […]

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