Drum roll 🥁….

…We’re delighted to announce that the Running Repairs Online Course is now open for enrolment!

It’s back, bigger and better than ever but it isn’t around for long. We can only open enrolment for a short period so if you’re interested in the course enrol now to avoid missing out.

CLICK HERE to sign up today for an exclusive bonus package The Run Through.

What does Running Repairs Online include?

We believe this course is the most comprehensive collection of running injury resources available. It includes 14 great modules, brilliant bonus content and extensive exercise videos;

Module 1 – Restoring balance

Module 2 – Know your athlete and what’s caused their injury

Module 3 – Become an expert in gait analysis

Module 4 – Optimise strength and conditioning for your runners

Module 5 – Run or rest? How to guide return to running after injury

Module 6 – Tendinopathy

Module 7 – Plantar fasciopathy

Module 8 – Bone stress injury, ‘shin splints’ and stress fractures

Module 9 – Muscle pain and biomechanical overload

Module 10 – Patellofemoral pain, ITBS and course summary

Module 11 – Pain to Performance: A step by step guide to low back pain in runners.

Module 12 – Your guide to Achilles Tendinopathy

Module 13 – Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy assessment and treatment

Module 14 – Hurdles – How to overcome barriers to treatment and manage complex cases

You’ll also get full access to our Track Pack, a great collection of clinic resources to assist with gait analysis, exercise prescription and athlete assessment.

Plus for today only we’re including The Run Through, a detailed guide to running injury that takes you through session by session using real case examples.

Enrol today to access all this material and The Run Through Bonus

Our new module on low back pain combines principles of resistance training and running rehab with Cognitive Functional Therapy to prepare your athletes both physically and psychologically to achieve their goals.

CLICK HERE to find out more

Part of the inspiration for putting together this online course came from meeting great clinicians who travelled long distances from around the UK, all over Europe and further afield to attend the weekend courses. We recognise the financial and time commitments this involves and so the online course lets you enjoy all the content from the comfort of your own home.

When you enrol on Running Repairs Online you have immediate access that you can enjoy at your own pace for at least a year! You can choose between 12 months OR indefinite access on an ongoing basis including ALL FUTURE COURSE UPDATES (your access doesn’t expire!). This gives you all the time you need to explore around 26 hours of great content, lectures and video demonstrations.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch via email, Twitter or InstagramI’d be happy to help!


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