RunningPhysio started as a site for runners but it’s become clear we also get a lot of visits from fellow clinicians. This has been one of the highlights of the site as it’s meant I got to meet some lovely physios and get into some tasty discussions! So I thought I’d bring together a collection of Physio resources that people can use. I hope this will grow into something really valuable, I encourage people to suggest articles and sites in the comments section and we’ll add these to the list. The idea isn’t just to produce a list of all the articles ever but rather to have a selection of real gems people can learn from! It’ll be a continually developing ‘work in progress’…

I’ll use pubmed/ journal web links throughout, as they are fairly stable and rarely disappear! Where possible I’ll link to full versions freely available online as well (although these are often less reliable – let me know if they don’t work!) You’ll notice a few blog bites on the list below, this is where a site has discussed a topic in detail, including research – well worth a read.

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Blogs that are a ‘must read’

The Body Mechanic – by Greg Lehman

The Sports Physio – by Adam Meakins

Runblogger – by Peter Larson

Body in Mind – multiple contributors including Neil O’Connell

Save Yourself – by Paul Ingraham

Sensible Solutions Physiotherapy – by Diane Jacobs

Kinetic Revolution – by James Dunne

Sports Podiatry Info – by Ian Griffiths

Running Research Junkie – by Craig Payne

Strength and conditioning

Jung (2003) and full version – Impact of resistance training on distance running

Jones and Bampouras (2007) – Overview of resistance training for running

ACSM guidelines (2009) and full version – large review of resistance training with recommendations

Carpinelli (2009) and full version – critique of ACSM (2009) guidelines

Cardiovascular fitness

Lauren and Jenkins (2002) and full version – overview of effects of High Intensity Interval Training

Midgley et al (2006) and full version – reviews training for improving VO2 max

Seiler and Tønnessen (2009) – role of intensity and duration in endurance training

Blog bites

Getting the most out of training and avoiding over-training – by John Feeney

Pain science

Main et al (2010) and full version – discusses impact of thoughts and beliefs on pain

Woolf (2010) and full version – review of central sensitisation

Hancock et al (2011) and full version plus discussion of the article by Neil O’Connell. Hancock et al. ask if we’ve forgotten the ‘bio’ in the biopsychosocial model of pain

Coppieters and Butler (2008) analysis of neuro dynamic techniques

Outcome measures for pain

Pain Catastrophising Scale and details on use

Tissue healing

Buckwalter and Grodzinsky (1999) and full version – a fairly old study now but still useful for concepts of importance of load in healing

Khan and Scott (2009) – how exercise promotes tissue repair

Lower Back

Moseley (2002) and full version – examines efficacy of combined physiotherapy treatments for LBP

Hodges and Moseley (2003) and full version – looks at connection between pain and lumbopelvic motor control

Moseley (2004) and full version – examines relationship between education and physical change in LBP

Moseley et al. (2006) yep more Moseley! And full version – RCT of neurophysiology education and pain in LBP

Lurie (2005) review of diagnostic tests in LBP including subjective and objective findings.

O’Sullivan (2005) and full version – sub-classification of low back pain

Hill et al (2011) STarT Back Study and LBP Screening tool – recent study examining screening LBP patients into low, medium and high risk groups and modifying treatment accordingly.

Rubinstein (2011) – update of Cochrane Review of Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) and LBP

Blog bites

Lots of work by Neil O’Connell in this area on the Body In Mind website – he discusses STarT Back and research into treatment of back pain

Cervical Spine

Bogduk (2003) and full version and (2011) – Anatomy and pathophysiology of neck pain

Rao (2002) and full version – another look at anatomy and pathophysiology in neck pain

Cervical Artery Dysfunction – lots of great work by Roger Kerry in this field. For a full list of Roger’s publications see his Nottingham University Page. Roger is a great advocate of evidence based practice and a must follow on twitter via @RogerKerry1 and via #EBP2

Kerry et al. (2008) and full version

Kerry et al. (2008)

Kerry and Taylor (2009)

Taylor and Kerry (2010)


Dye (2005) and full version – really useful PFPS paper that describes the ‘envelope of function’ great concept for understanding patellofemoral pain. Scott Dye has his own website but it’s currently under development.

Lubowitz (2008) – big review of objective tests for the knee.

Hip and pelvis

Grimaldi (2011) – Assessing lateral stability of the hip and pelvis

Reiman et al. (2009) – hip function and its link to knee dysfunction

Reiman et al. (2009) another one! – hip function and its link to LBP

Reiman et al. (2012) – Systematic review of EMG studies of exercises for glute med and max.

Retchford et al. (2013) and full version – recent narrative review of the role of a number of local muscles in hip stability

Blog bites

Adam Meakins covers some common pathology in ‘the sporting groin’ – part 1 and part 2

Foot and Ankle

Nester (2009) – a detailed examination of what we know about gait

Blog bites

Definitive guide to pronation – by Dr Kevin Maggs of RunningReform


Hess (2000) – functional stability of the shoulder

2 part review of tests for the shoulder

Tennent et al (2003) Part 1 and full version – cuff tests

Tennent et al (2003) Part 2 and full version – laxity, instability and SLAP tests

Lewis (2009) and full version – review of assessment of impingement syndrome

Lewis (2009) and full version – discussion of cuff tendinopathy

Lewis (2010) and full version – more on cuff pathology based on continuum by Cook and Purdam (2009) – see tendinopathy section

Tardo et al. (2013) – exploring the role of the rotator cuff


Riley (2005) and full version – review of tendon anatomy and molecular basis of pathology (it is quite long and complex)

Cook and Purdam (2009) – key study in tendinopathy, discusses staging and continuum from reactive to degenerative tendinopathy

Magnusson et al (2010) and full version – discusses tendon structure, pathology and response to load

Cook and Purdam (2012) – role of compression in tendinopathy

Killian et al. (2012) and full version – role of mechanobiology in tendon healing

Rees et al (2013) and full version – review of inflammation in tendon pathology


Jill Cook’s PhysioEdge podcast on tendinopathy

Karim Khan’s SportsPhysiotherapist podcast on Achilles tendinopathy

Alison Grimaldi’s PhysioEdge podcast on proximal hamstring tendinopathy

Running, biomechanics, form and injury

Stefanyshyn et al. (2006) – knee angular impulse as a predictor of PFPS in runners

Noehren et al. (2007) – biomechanics and ITBS

Ghana Zadeh Hesar et al. (2009) – gait related risk factors and lower leg overuse injuries

Heiderscheit et al. (2011) – effect of changing step rate on joint loading

Blog bites

Choosing running shoes – evidence behind recommendations by Ian Griffiths

Foot strike in runners – influence on injury risk – by Peter Larson

Techniques to change impact and joint loading when running – by Greg Lehman

Evidence based practice and critical appraisal of studies

What are confidence intervals and P-values?

Akobeng (2005) – Principles of Evidence Based Medicine

Kerry et al. (2008) – overview of philosophy science and its application to clinical practice

Haidich (2010) – discusses meta-analysis in research

Kerry et al. (2012) – explores causation in Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

West and Dupras (2013) – although discussing vaccine medicine this article is useful for avoiding pitfalls in understanding statistics

Blog bites

Research Questions and Clinical Reasoning What is Evidence Based Practice? and Searching the Literature – blog posts by @AndrewVCuff

Useful links about placebo – by Margart McCartney

Roger Kerry on Clinical Pediction Rules and turning stats into something useful