It's only right and proper that an article that borrows its name from the lyrics of a David Bowie song should include a picture of me dressed as Ziggy Stardust…

Once you've recovered from that, frankly disturbing image, you may start to wonder what on earth I'm on about!..

…Well changes are afoot at RunningPhysio. I've gone and got married, so FMG (Future Mrs Goom) will now be called FMG (Fantastic Mrs Goom). I'm leaving the NHS after 11 years!…and will, from October 31st be full time in The Physio Rooms clinic in Brighton. I'm continuing to specialise in management of running injuries and will be providing talks and presentations to local running and athletics clubs in the Brighton and Hove area. If you'd like to arrange an appointment with me or are interested in our talks for runners please contact or visit our clinic page.

The site design is being tweaked a little and will shortly feature a few ads for running related products. We're also placing greater emphasis on recommending physiotherapy clinics are the UK (and potentially overseas). We get asked fairly regularly to advise runners on who to see so we want to develop a database of trusted clinics that people can access directly through the site. If you'd like us to include your clinic, please contact for details.

Thanks to the wonderful support from our readers RunningPhysio continues to grow. We've been featured in the British Journal of Sports Medicine blog, in the Telegraph's Top 10 Running Blogs, and, very recently wrote for a feature in Running Fitness Magazine with expert running coach Martin Yelling.

Our growing readership has swelled to over 170,000 page views per month from humble beginnings of just 134 views in March 2012. So I'd like to thank everyone who has read, commented, written and contributed to the site and helped it grow! RunningPhysio prides itself on being a useful, supportive and friendly source of good running advice. We've a bright future ahead of us and hope you'll all be a big part of that!




  1. Congrats X 3 Tom! Congrats on your marriage. Congrats on the career move. Congrats on the website! We often get injury-related questions from runners and one of our top recommendations is ‘go to’. Great combination of research and clinical experience, supplied with a good amount of humour. Continued success!

  2. Congratulations on getting married and good luck in your NHS free practice! I wanted to say a big thank you for allowing me to contribute to the site and for helping me feel like a member of the running community!

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