If you’re looking for physiotherapy or to improve your running performance RunningPhysio recommends BFitter Physiotherapy & Performance Clinic in Enfield.

The BFitter Clinic is based in the legendary Muscleworks Enfield Gym, allowing access to a huge array of equipment ideal for treating, rehabilitating and enhancing performance of all levels from novice runners through to elite athletes. Their experience in professional sport makes them the ideal location for your running complaints, injury prevention strategies or tailored strength and conditioning.

BFitter Rehab Specialist Barry Sigrist has written a series of excellent blogs for the site on perfecting a squat, strengthening your calf and building your hamstrings and posterior chain. His knowledge of exercise selection, technique and progression really stands out and makes him a great go to guy for any rehab needs.

You can follow Barry on Twitter via @BarrySigrist. Check out his excellent Youtube channel for tips on exercises. Here he is demonstrating a Nordic Curl, a great exercise but certainly a challenging one!…

To make an appointment or to discuss a consultation over the phone email bsigrist@bfitter.com or call 07980448808. For more information visiti BFitter.com

Clinic address: BFitter Physiotherapy & Performance Clinic, Muscleworks Enfield, 57 Island Centre Way, Enfield, EN3 6GS