Top 10 tips on managing running injuries

It’s odd really it’s taken me around 8 posts before I got round to a general advice article. The reason for that is that there are so many out there. I wanted some specific stuff first. That said, a lot of people may benefit from some more general advice…so here goes…in no particular order Train […]

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Assessment and rehab of movement control and balance

I’ve mentioned movement control and balance in most of my blogs on injury management. It’s one of what I think of as the Big Three; Movement control, range of movement and strength. If you have all three you’re onto a winner and less likely to struggle with injury. It’s also likely to improve your running […]

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Gluteus Medius – evidence based rehab

This is in part advice for runners and in part something else…. …you’ve heard of a “dance off” and probably a “sing off” this my friends is a geek off! It’s come about after I’ve heard lots of people being advised not to bother with sidelying exercises for glutes because they “aren’t functional”. Several well-meaning […]

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Shin Pain – Part Two – Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Part One of this series on shin pain looked at bony pain, in Part Two of this blog we look at Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS) CECS There are several muscle “compartments” in the lower leg, each includes muscles, blood vessels and nerves enclosed within soft tissue called fascia. During running the pressure gradually increases […]

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Shin pain, shin splints and stress fractures

Shin pain often gets described as the dreaded “Shin Splints”, the bane of many runners and an ongoing topic of discussion on the RW forums. The thing is shin splints isn’t really a diagnosis, it’s a collection of as much as 31 different potential diagnoses! Research from the College of Podiatry has highlighted that many […]

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Brighton Marathon 2012

Firstly, a huge thanks to all the fantastic people that came out and supported me and all the runners, Amie, Andy, Jo, Mike, Dane, Gary, FMG (future Mrs Goom), Lucille, my lovely parents, Jade, Pat, Paul, Lizzy and James. And now my marathon story…. 6am my alarm woke me up. Boo I thought! It's a […]

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