Sports Injuries Virtual Conference, learn from the best!

Sports medicine is a constantly evolving field with new research appearing every day. As a clinician with a busy caseload it's very difficult to keep up to date and maintain the best level of practice. Fortunately our friends at Clinical Edge have brought together a great team of leading lights in sports and exercise medicine […]

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Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy – exercise videos, infographic and podcast

We’re very fortunate in the physiotherapy community to have some great friends who create brilliant resources and share their knowledge. Today’s short blog showcases the work of 2 such physios who have helped spread the key messages from our recent paper on Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (Goom et al. 2016).  Firstly we have Christopher Johnson, one […]

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50 surgeries and still running, Sam’s amazing story

We have a special guest blog today from a runner who I'm sure will inspire others who've been through the pain and frustration of persistent injuries. Samantha's story started as a toddler and continues to this day but her determination and bravery has kept her going despite obstacles that would stop most people in their […]

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RunningPhysio recommends – BFitter Physiotherapy and Performance Clinic, Enfield

If you’re looking for physiotherapy or to improve your running performance RunningPhysio recommends BFitter Physiotherapy & Performance Clinic in Enfield. The BFitter Clinic is based in the legendary Muscleworks Enfield Gym, allowing access to a huge array of equipment ideal for treating, rehabilitating and enhancing performance of all levels from novice runners through to elite […]

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Signpost: New interactive case study on managing Achilles pain

We’ve teamed up with @Physiosinsport and @BJSM_BMJ to bring you a comprehensive case study on managing Achilles tendinopathy in runners. It features a fictional runner called Al (AKA #AchillesAl) and will aim to cover all aspects of his care in a multi-part blog series. Part 1 on training error, was published a couple of weeks […]

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Exercises for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (AKA ‘Shin Splints’)

It’s easy to talk generally with rehab, ‘strengthen x,y and z’, improve movement control etc but we don’t often expand on what exactly this means. Today’s blog is a brief look at an exercise programme I used recently for a patient with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome and what my thinking was behind it. The patient, […]

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