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Neuromuscular Adaptations During Walking Gait in Individuals with Knee OA – by Anthony Teoli

Today we have a guest blog from physio and researcher Anthony Teoli covering a common problem we see a lot in clinic; osteoarthritis of the knee. Anthony graduated from McGill University with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and currently works as a physiotherapist in a private physiotherapy clinic in Montreal. He is also […]

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Free video series – how to get great results with achilles tendinopathy in runners

Achilles tendinopathy is a common condition that can have a big impact on a runner’s life and be challenging to manage. As health professionals we all want the best for our patients but it can be hard to see progression for athletes and difficult for them to return to their training targets. We’ve teamed up with […]

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Person centred care for runners – free FULL webinar!

The more I work with runners the more I realise that their story, their experience and their lifestyle are often key factors in managing their injury. It’s important that we really listen to athletes, understand why sport is so important to them and deliver person centred care. But what does ‘person centred care’ actually mean?! […]

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21 day challenge – Day 2

Our 21 day challenge is gathering steam with over 3500 people signed up so far! We’re into day 2 which is a great stage to join us if you haven’t already. On day 1 we selected exercises that we’ve given out to patients for us to do for 21 days. Today the task is explaining […]

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21 day challenge – Day 1

Here we are then, day 1 of our 21 day challenge all about exercise prescription! The task for today is very simple…pick your exercises and share them!  There is only 1 rule – they must be from one of your patients. The idea is to get a taste of your own medicine (hence the hashtag #ownmedicine) […]

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Join our 21 day challenge!

Providing injured patients with exercises can be challenging. Research has identified a number of barriers to rehab and found that around 70% of patients don’t do their exercises as advised! And yet there is growing pressure to adopt a treatment approach based solely on exercise and education. It’s true that very little we can do […]

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