Sports Injuries Virtual Conference, learn from the best!

Sports medicine is a constantly evolving field with new research appearing every day. As a clinician with a busy caseload it's very difficult to keep up to date and maintain the best level of practice. Fortunately our friends at Clinical Edge have brought together a great team of leading lights in sports and exercise medicine to deliver a brilliant online conference.

Adam Meakins, Dr Edna King, Brad Neal, David Joyce and a host of other fantastic speakers will guide you through a conference of 7 modules covering upper limb and lowering injuries, tendinopathy, spinal pain and optimising performance.

Sign up now using the link below to take advantage of the 'early bird' rate which expires on November 1st.

Click here for more Sports Injuries virtual conference information & enrolment

One area I'm very much looking forward to is the hamstring rehab module with Aspetar Physio Nicol van Dyk. Sure to be some great take home points there! Click on the banner below for more information.


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