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Kettlebell training for runners by Benoy Mathew

There are few people that have the depth of knowledge of research and diagnosis as today’s guest blogger Benoy Mathew. Ben is a big name in running rehab and I’m delighted he’s joining us today to talk kettlebell training for runners. Follow him on Twitter via @function2fitnes he shares some cracking content!.. It is well established that regular […]

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Assessing runners – capacity and performance tests

Today’s blog is the first in a series examining running rehab, performance and athlete monitoring. The aim is to provide useful tools for therapists in clinic to help get runners back on track. It’s important with athletes to try and find the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to exercise; not too little which may lead […]

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Glutes Exercise Circuit – free download and the reasoning behind it

This week we’ve launched a new ‘Cutting Edge Clinicians’ Mailing list designed for therapists that treat runners and other athletes. We’ll be sharing a series of free downloads on a range of topics, all with a focus on providing something that’s useful in clinic. The first of these in an evidence-based Glutes Circuit that’s had […]

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Squatting for runners – by Barry Sigrist

Rehab Specialist Barry Sigrist returns to the blog again today to talk squatting. This time he’s really raised the bar (quite literally) with a cracking article and set of videos. These exercises are fantastic for building thigh muscles, as demonstrated by the QuadFather himself @NorthLightPhys; Follow Barry on Twitter via @BarrySigrist. For more exercise ideas […]

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Calf conditioning exercises by Barry Sigrist

Following on from the popularity of his first blog on hamstring strengthening, Rehab Specialist Barry Sigrist is back with a blog chocked full of great exercises! Today he’s talking calf conditioning… You can follow Barry on Twitter via @BarrySigrist. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and website Tom’s been very kind and […]

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Hamstring and posterior chain exercises by Barry Sigrist

We welcome a new guest blogger today, rehab specialist Barry Sigrist. I’ve been really impressed by Barry’s exercise prescription and approach to treatment so I was delighted when he agreed to share some of his favourite exercises on the site. First up we focus on strengthening the hamstrings and posterior chain then fingers crossed I […]

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