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Glutes Exercise Circuit – free download and the reasoning behind it

This week we’ve launched a new ‘Cutting Edge Clinicians’ Mailing list designed for therapists that treat runners and other athletes. We’ll be sharing a series of free downloads on a range of topics, all with a focus on providing something that’s useful in clinic. The first of these in an evidence-based Glutes Circuit that’s had […]

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Squatting for runners – by Barry Sigrist

Rehab Specialist Barry Sigrist returns to the blog again today to talk squatting. This time he’s really raised the bar (quite literally) with a cracking article and set of videos. These exercises are fantastic for building thigh muscles, as demonstrated by the QuadFather himself @NorthLightPhys; Follow Barry on Twitter via @BarrySigrist. For more exercise ideas […]

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Calf conditioning exercises by Barry Sigrist

Following on from the popularity of his first blog on hamstring strengthening, Rehab Specialist Barry Sigrist is back with a blog chocked full of great exercises! Today he’s talking calf conditioning… You can follow Barry on Twitter via @BarrySigrist. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and website Tom’s been very kind and […]

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Hamstring and posterior chain exercises by Barry Sigrist

We welcome a new guest blogger today, rehab specialist Barry Sigrist. I’ve been really impressed by Barry’s exercise prescription and approach to treatment so I was delighted when he agreed to share some of his favourite exercises on the site. First up we focus on strengthening the hamstrings and posterior chain then fingers crossed I […]

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Balancing training load and tissue capacity

A key concept in preventing and managing running injuries is understanding the balance between training load and your capacity to handle that load. In a nutshell it’s a case of working within your limits and not pushing your training beyond what your body can cope with. Today we look at finding the balance and some […]

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Treating muscle tightness in runners

Written by Tom Goom, senior Physio at The Physio Rooms Brighton. Follow Tom on Twitter. One of the most common problems I see in clinic is runners struggling with tight, rigid muscles. Usually they've tried a host of self treatments with little success. So how do you rid yourself of a concrete calf or a […]

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