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Fuelling your recovery. The importance of nutrition – by Fran Taylor

Next up in our recovery series we’re joined by Brighton-based Nutritionist Fran Taylor. Her previous articles on diet and tendinopathy and nutrition for vegan runners have been a great success and today she’ll be covering food and recovery. Be sure to follow Fran on Twitter: @TheBrightonNut1 and on Instagram: TheBrightonNutritionist plus check out her website. For more […]

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Key diet considerations for vegan runners by Fran Taylor

Our new resident Nutritionist Fran Taylor joins us again today to talk about diet for vegan runners. Her last piece on nutrition and tendinopathy has proved really popular! For more from Fran follow her on Twitter: @TheBrightonNut1 and on Instagram: TheBrightonNutritionist and check out her website.  The shift to a plant based diet has grown considerably over […]

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Tendinopathy, diet and gelatin supplementation by Fran Taylor

When we talk tendons we usually focus on load so it’s refreshing when emerging research opens up potential new treatment directions. One such area is nutrition in tendinopathy and the role of gelatin supplementation. Today Brighton based Nutritionist Fran Taylor joins us to discuss this and explore some of the diet options to consider. Follow […]

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Nutrition for Marathon Runners

Sports nutritionist Julia Mainstone has kindly agreed to do another guest blog for RunningPhysio following her popular article on nutrition and the immune system. Julia has a wealth of experience in providing nutritional advice to sports men and women and has her own excellent site. You can follow her on Twitter via @JuliaNutrition. Nutrition plays […]

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Nutritional advice for runners – the immune system and strategies to prevent infection

Today RunningPhysio welcomes guest blogger Julia Mainstone to the site. Julia specialises in nutrition for fitness and sport and is a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine. She works as Sports Nutritionist for Brighton and Hove FC and has provided support for triathlons, Ironman and the Marathon des Sables. You can follow […]

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Should I take Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

No. Phew, that was a short blog. Time for a cuppa and a biccie I think… Alas, if only it was that simple… … I get asked a lot about Glucosamine and Chondroitin (G&C) supplements in my clinic. They are, in theory, the building blocks to cartilage and have been widely recommended to reduce the […]

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