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What’s the key treatment for runners with patellofemoral pain?

Patellofemoral pain (PFP) is recognised to be a multifactorial condition with multiple potential causes and a host of treatment options. This can leave both clinicians and runners confused and unsure about what treatment path to take. Do we use education, activity modification, rehab exercises, gait re-training or all of the above!? Do we tape, massage […]

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Neuromuscular Adaptations During Walking Gait in Individuals with Knee OA – by Anthony Teoli

Today we have a guest blog from physio and researcher Anthony Teoli covering a common problem we see a lot in clinic; osteoarthritis of the knee. Anthony graduated from McGill University with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and currently works as a physiotherapist in a private physiotherapy clinic in Montreal. He is also […]

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Running and Osteoarthritis – by Richard Leech

For many years medical dogma and anecdotal evidence has suggested running is bad for your knees and causes arthritis. Many well meaning health professionals have advised runners to cut down or even stop running altogether to protect their joints, but the evidence remains weak to guide their management. Richard Leech's excellent BJSM editorial discusses this […]

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My battle with ITBS by Sean McBride – Part 2 The Solution

Sports Physical Therapist Sean’s story of how his ITBS began in Part 1 of this blog has proved popular this month and led to a number of people requesting Part 2… So here it is, how Sean got back running after 8 years of ITBS; You can follow Sean on Twitter via @RealSeanMcbride My wife […]

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My battle with ITBS by Sean McBride – Part 1 The Problem

Today’s guest post is something of a rare thing, a physio reflecting on their own injury story. This is sports physical therapist Sean McBride’s 2 part story of how ITBS nearly forced him to give up running (part 1) and how he got back on track (part 2)… You can follow Sean on Twitter via […]

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Snap Crackle and Pop – Why does my knee click? – by Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson joins us today to talk about creaky knees! Claire is a Consultant Physiotherapist, researcher and lecturer who runs a specialist patellofemoral pain service at Wimbledon Clinics. She’s kindly agreed to share some of the findings from her research and answer the question why does my knee click?… You can follow Claire on Twitter via @clairepatella. Picture adapted […]

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