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Orthoses – so much more than ‘fit and forget’ Part 3 – by Nick Knight

Following on from the popularity of the first 2 parts in this toe-related trilogy ('toelogy'?!), podiatrist Nick Knight is back with the final instalment! Having covered what orthoses are and what they do it's on the tricky question of how they are prescribed… Follow Nick on Twitter via @NKSportspod So how do we prescribe orthoses?.. […]

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Orthoses – so much more than ‘fit and forget’ Part 2 – by Nick Knight

UKRunchat blogger and top podiatrist Nick Knight's joins us again for Part 2 in his series on blogs on orthoses. Part 1 tackled what orthoses are and how they're used, next up is the tricky matter of how orthoses actually work… Follow Nick on Twitter via @NKSportsPod The truth about how orthoses work is we […]

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Orthoses – so much more than ‘fit and forget’ Part 1 – by Nick Knight

Back in August I had the pleasure of meeting top podiatrist Nick Knight on my Running Repairs Course. I knew from chatting prior to the course that Nick really knew his stuff so I was delighted when he agreed to write a guest blog for us. He very kindly wrote a really comprehensive piece which […]

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