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Segmentation: The scourge of the running footwear industry by Simon Bartold

We’re joined once again today by top podiatrist Simon Bartold. Regular readers will know Simon has written some cracking articles for us in the past, all of which you can find here. He joins us today to challenge common conceptions around shoe selection for runners. Follow Simon on twitter via @bartoldbiomecha and check out his […]

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Run for your life – Jenny Baker’s inspiring story

Running is far more than just a way to stay fit, for many it’s a way of life. For Jenny Baker it helped her overcome one of life’s greatest challenges. Today she kindly shares her story and offers hope for many women who may find themselves in a similar position. I’ve been running regularly for […]

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50 surgeries and still running, Sam’s amazing story

We have a special guest blog today from a runner who I'm sure will inspire others who've been through the pain and frustration of persistent injuries. Samantha's story started as a toddler and continues to this day but her determination and bravery has kept her going despite obstacles that would stop most people in their […]

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Exposure therapy for runners by Derek Griffin

Physiotherapist, Pain Specialist and seriously quick runner Derek Griffin joins us again today to talk about exposure therapy for runners and how we can apply its principles to rehab and gait retraining. Derek’s previous post on why runners have pain has been very popular and he played a key role in developing our Tendon Health […]

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When can I run? By Chris Johnson and Nathan Carlson

Chris Johnson is a multi-talented guy! He’s a physical therapist, certified triathlon coach, multiple time Kona qualifier and the owner of Zeren PT & Performance. Plus Chris is the CEO of RunCadence, an app we featured recently that helps runners optimise their gait retraining through changing cadence. He also has an extensive Youtube video library for […]

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My trail of woe – by Emmanuel Ovola

Sometimes you just have bad run. A stinker. Everything goes wrong and you consider hanging up your running shoes for good. We all have these but the important thing is we try to learn from them to become a better runner. Today physiotherapist and runner Emmanuel Ovola shares his story… You can follow Emmanuel on […]

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