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Running Repairs Online Course

Running Repairs Online Course – Launch Today

We are very excited to announce that the Running Repairs Online Course launched this morning! Simply put – if you treat runners, then the Running Repairs Online Course is for you. Enrolment will be available for a limited time only, and if you sign up today, you will also receive access to some great bonus material: Running […]

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Can gait re-training improve performance?

Interesting new research has found that running gait may play a significant role in efficiency and performance. We’ve summarised the findings and made some recommendations in the free download below. Download running technique tips Coaches have suggested for many years that running technique is key to performance but, until recently, we’ve had little evidence to […]

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New Gait Re-training App: Runcadence

Last week saw the release of a cutting edge new App to help runners optimise their gait re-training. Research has indicated that increasing step rate may help to reduce load in a number of areas where running injury is common. Runcadence, from Seattle based Physical Therapist and Triathlon Coach Christopher Johnson, is a simple, effective […]

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Runmatic, a new App for measuring running mechanics – by Dr. Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández

Gait analysis can be an integral part of running injury management and yet, for many clinicians, we lack the technology needed to fully assess biomechanics. Smartphone Apps are providing some interesting solutions but we need to know that their data is both reliable and valid. One App that has caught our eye in this regard […]

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Putting the mechanics back into ‘biomechanics’ – By Ian Griffiths

Joining us on the site today is top Sports Podiatrist, Ian Griffiths. I’ve been a fan of Ian’s work for some time and, in particular, his great article on shoe selection was a real eye-opener for me. Ian has been challenging misconceptions around pronation and foot function for some time and recently produced two fantastic […]

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Should I switch to forefoot running?

In recent years having a rearfoot strike (or ‘heel-striking’ as it’s commonly called) has got a bit of a bad press. Such has been its demonisation that runners in my clinic sometimes confess it through hushed whisper, as if the foot strike gestapo are hot on their heels. Websites have emerged devoted to achieving ‘optimal […]

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