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Running with a backpack

I ran 10 miles today with a Cameltoe. Sorry Camelbak. 2 quite different things, only 1 is easy to drink out of. Of course, as a man, I can’t get a cameltoe, the male equivalent is called a “moose hoof!” Running in Lycra leggings today that was quite a possibility. Although it was cold out. […]

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Are you a 2 speed runner?

I realised after my run on Tuesday that I’ve slipped back into an old, costly habit. I’ve become a 2 speed runner again. My 2 speeds are go and stop. I once did a “quick 10 miler” not race pace but not far from it. I finished in 74 minutes 5 seconds. A week later […]

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RunningPhysio review – Ankle Foot MaXimizer

I arrived in our clinic @ThePhysioRooms and there, sat on the desk was a box with “Air Mail” written on it. Air mail? I never get Air Mail and yet here it was, looking fresh despite a long journey from Canada. I was like a child in a sweet shop. A very geeky child in […]

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Why I love running in Brighton

We’re very lucky here in Brighton. In the south we have a great expanse of sea to run next to, to the north the undulating trails of the South Downs. You can watch the sunset on the old pier as starling swirl round to land or dodge a tramp as he stumbles drunkenly out of […]

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Femoro-acetabular Impingement (FAI)

I’m quite excited about this!….this is our first post from a Physio Guest Blogger on RunningPhysio. Ultramarathon runner, Physio and all round legend Andy “Coomba” Coombs has written us an excellent piece on Femoro-acetabular Impingement! Over to you Andy…. FAI appears to be receiving a great deal of attention at present which is probably, in […]

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Jeepers! What have you done? (A personal post on tib post)

In my recent piece on Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction I mentioned Carol (AKA Jeepers on the RW forum) and her problems with this. She's very kindly agreed to give RunningPhysio her story, in the hope it might be helpful to others. Even if you've never heard of PTTD it's a heartening story to read, to […]

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