Key diet considerations for vegan runners by Fran Taylor

Our new resident Nutritionist Fran Taylor joins us again today to talk about diet for vegan runners. Her last piece on nutrition and tendinopathy has proved really popular! For more from Fran follow her on Twitter: @TheBrightonNut1 and on Instagram: TheBrightonNutritionist and check out her website.  The shift to a plant based diet has grown considerably over […]

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Recovery – the importance of planning and implementation

In the first blog in this series on recovery we discussed the key concept of the stress recovery balance and how both physical and psychological stressors play a part. In today’s blog we’ll cover something very important – planning and implementing recovery strategies. I think this is essential not only for athletes but for many […]

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Tendinopathy, diet and gelatin supplementation by Fran Taylor

When we talk tendons we usually focus on load so it’s refreshing when emerging research opens up potential new treatment directions. One such area is nutrition in tendinopathy and the role of gelatin supplementation. Today Brighton based Nutritionist Fran Taylor joins us to discuss this and explore some of the diet options to consider. Follow […]

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Big news for anyone treating runners!

When our Running Repairs Online course launched this summer we were blown away by the response it had. Since then we’ve been inundated with emails, messages and requests for us to open enrolment again. So, for a short while only, you can gain immediate access to Running Repairs Online and, if you sign up today, […]

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The Power of Simple

The more I work with people and the more evidence I explore the more I realise that it’s often the simple things done well that are most effective. Unfortunately though we tend to be drawn to the more complex as simple isn’t sexy. While it might not be exciting simple can certainly be powerful. Today with […]

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