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New tech for runners, could it be a leap forward for managing running injury?

I’ve always found emerging technology interesting, my inner geek loves unboxing a shiny new toy! In the excitement and novelty of trialling the latest gadget we should also be asking the right questions about the technology and considering if it’s fit for use in clinic. Today we’ll look at some of the new equipment and […]

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Plantar Plate injury, assessment and management – by Nick Knight

Today we’re joined on the site by top podiatrist Nick Knight. He’s kindly agreed to write a guest blog for us on plantar plate injury which can be a challenge to treat. Nick was the first podiatrist to be featured in our RunningPhysio Recommends series and has written some cracking articles for us in the […]

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Can gait re-training reduce risk of running injury?

Gait re-training research seems to be gathering apace with a burst of new studies crossing the finishing line recently. One such study (Chan et al. 2017) has suggested that running re-training may reduce the risk of developing a running injury. This randomised control trial with over 300 participants reported a 62% lower injury risk in […]

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New Running Repairs Course dates confirmed

2017 has been a big year for Running Repairs. We’ve travelled to Australia, Norway and Sweden and seen a great response to the launch of our comprehensive online version of the course, Running Repairs Online. 2018 is shaping up to be another exciting year for us and we’ve just confirmed two new course dates for […]

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Shin Pain Prevention & Treatment – by Ross Allen

Today we have a great guest blog from physiotherapist and back pain specialist Ross Allen based at in County Kildare, Ireland. Follow him on Twitter via Shin splints (also known as medial tibial stress syndrome) affects between 5-35% of runners. In my experience, it most commonly occurs in those who suddenly increase their running mileage, oftentimes in […]

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