Signpost: great new website on patellofemoral pain

Our Signpost blogs are a short series of posts designed to highlight great new articles and resources for runners and health professionals. We’ve previously mentioned an excellent piece on back pain and today the focus is on knees! This week Claire Robertson has launched a great website on patellofemoral pain (AKA Runner’s Knee); Click here […]

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Heart Rate Variability – New app to optimise training

PhD candidate Marco Altini is clearly a man with impeccable timing!… I’d literally just finished perusing some research on the use of heart rate variability in training when his email, on this very topic, arrived in my inbox! Marco has created an app utilising technology most of us have in our phones to help guide […]

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Balancing training load and tissue capacity

A key concept in preventing and managing running injuries is understanding the balance between training load and your capacity to handle that load. In a nutshell it’s a case of working within your limits and not pushing your training beyond what your body can cope with. Today we look at finding the balance and some […]

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Running Podcast with Matt Phillips and Jack Chew

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining Jack Chew (@Chews_Health) and fellow running specialist Matt Phillips (@Sportinjurymatt) to chat for the Physio Matters Podcast. I haven't had a chance to write about it on the blog until now as I've been snowed under with the research paper, a full clinic and treating […]

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Signpost: great new article on back pain

Today we have a new feature on RunningPhysio – our first 'Signpost', a very brief blog pointing you towards important articles to read. The first of these is an excellent piece on back pain in the Irish Independent by Mary O'KeefFe (@MaryOKeeffe1990), Kieran O'Sullivan (@Kieranosull) and Derek Griffin (@DerekGriffin86). It's clear key messages are important […]

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Running Podcast with Adam Meakins

Since my son Woody arrived on the scene my life has been a chaotic sea of nappies, vomiting and crying (mostly from me!). Somewhere in a sleep deprived haze I forgot to share my recent podcast with cantankerous rabble rouser blogging hero @AdamMeakins. So if you'd like to hear me talk about running, physio and […]

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