Effective cueing in gait retraining – by Rich Willy

Running gait retraining research is gathering pace and one of the leaders of the pack is Dr Richard Willy, Assistant Professor at East Carolina University. Richard’s research has found mirror gait retraining to be effective for reducing patellofemoral pain and has highlighted how improving strength doesn’t appear to alter running kinematics. We’re delighted to welcome Richard […]

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Running Repairs – new course date in Manchester

Following on from a very successful course with the great physios at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary I’m heading north once again! Oliver Simpson and the team at Manchester Physio will be hosting the Running Repairs Course on the weekend of January 31st/ February 1st. Numbers will be limited to 12 participants so book early to make […]

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Will leaning forward help my runner’s knee?

In recent years gait analysis and re-training has emerged as a viable method of reducing patellofemoral pain (PFP – AKA Runner’s Knee). Modification of step rate and stride length and reduction of hip adduction during running have shown promising results. New research suggests altering your trunk position may also be an option for those with painful knees… […]

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Running unplugged – by Emlyn Maher

When working with runners it’s very easy to over-complicate things. With a barrage of advice on everything from cadence to cross-training and a hundred ‘must do’ activities I often wonder, can’t we just run? Today guest blogger Emlyn Maher discusses this very topic!… Emlyn is a runner from Clonlara, a small Village on the banks […]

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Pain in runners: Why do I hurt? – by Derek Griffin

Today’s guest blogger will be no stranger to those of you that follow us on Twitter. Derek (@DerekGriffin86) is Specialist MSK Physiotherapist with a PhD in Pain and a Twitter regular! He’s also a handy runner! He’s very generously agreed to share his views on pain and tackle the tricky question, “why do I hurt?”… Understanding […]

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What causes running injuries?

There are a lot of theories as to what causes running injury but it seems the answer is fairly obvious; While I’m sure Ian’s tweet was a tad tongue in cheek he does touch on an important point with running injury – in order to get one you do have to actually run! This is […]

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