Big news for anyone treating runners!

When our Running Repairs Online course launched this summer we were blown away by the response it had. Since then we’ve been inundated with emails, messages and requests for us to open enrolment again. So, for a short while only, you can gain immediate access to Running Repairs Online and, if you sign up today, […]

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The Power of Simple

The more I work with people and the more evidence I explore the more I realise that it’s often the simple things done well that are most effective. Unfortunately though we tend to be drawn to the more complex as simple isn’t sexy. While it might not be exciting simple can certainly be powerful.┬áToday with […]

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Key training concepts: Stress-recovery balance, overreaching and overtraining.

I’m a big fan of simple strategies that can help athletes manage injury or improve performance. We’ve talked recently about the growth in wearable technology for runners and while this can certainly have value there’s a lot to be said about doing the simple things well. One such area is athlete recovery. It’s often neglected […]

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New tech for runners, could it be a leap forward for managing running injury?

I’ve always found emerging technology interesting, my inner geek loves unboxing a shiny new toy! In the excitement and novelty of trialling the latest gadget we should also be asking the right questions about the technology and considering if it’s fit for use in clinic. Today we’ll look at some of the new equipment and […]

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